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Hazards of smoking in Egypt

Smoking is a cause of miscarriage in 17 per cent of females and infertility in 13 per cent. Male smokers suffer double the rate of impotency of non-smokers. In the United States, for example, about 30 per cent of females and 35 per cent of males who are at fertile age smoke. This has led to a 25 per cent … Continue reading Continue reading

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Heart disease risk greater for women smokers

Huge US study published in the Lancet finds risk of heart disease linked to smoking is 25% higher for women. Smoking is more likely to give women heart disease than men, a study has found. Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke may have a more potent effect on women due to biological differences, scientists believe. US researchers analysed pooled data on … Continue reading

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Michael Douglas caught smoking again after beating throat cancer

Actor Michael Douglas was photographed smoking on a yacht last week – less than a year after “beating” stage IV throat cancer. The Oscar winner appears on the new cover of Star Magazine and in photos inside puffing on what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette July 21. He looks tanned and relaxed in the exclusive Star photos, leaning on … Continue reading

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US Surgeon General lies by omission: Smoking one cigarette can kill you? Seriously?

In what can only be called a bizarre leap of pseudoscience, U.S. Surgeon General Dr Regina M. Benjamin recently announced that smoking one cigarette can kill you. In fact, she says, just breathing in the smoke from someone else’s cigarette can kill you, she claims. It’s all part of a just-released report entitled A Report of the Surgeon General: How … Continue reading

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Is Catherine Zeta-Jones' Smoking Putting Michael Douglas at Risk?

Photos that appeared in the U.K.’s Daily Mail showed actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas vacationing in Europe aboard a yacht, and in one, Zeta-Jones holds a cigarette while Douglas walks alongside her. The photo has kicked up its share of controversy about whether such close proximity to a smoker is risky for the 66-year-old actor, who recently underwent treatment … Continue reading

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How Maternal Smoking or Nicotine Use Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Later Life

Scientists now understand more about why being exposed to nicotine while you were a fetus will increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease as an adult. “We have found distinct links between cigarette smoking or even using nicotine patches or gum and the long-term harm for the child,” says Dr. DaLiao Xiao, a scientist who works at the Loma Linda … Continue reading

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Smoking Could Harm Sperm, Study Finds

Two new studies provide evidence that smoking can harm sperm – both in smoking men who may become fathers, and in sons born to women who smoked during pregnancy. The research also suggests that both men and women who hope to conceive should kick the habit. “The results of the present study suggest a negative biological effect of smoking on … Continue reading

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New Research States Smoking Decreases Hip Replacement Risk

A new study from down under Australia has found that men who smoke are less likely than nonsmokers to require total hip or knee replacement. Who knew. The researchers also found that being overweight or doing vigorous physical activity actually increased the likelihood of joint replacement. George Mnatzaganian, a Ph.D. student stated: “Our study is the first to demonstrate a … Continue reading

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The Facts about Cigarettes

These cigarettes smoking facts include the eye opening statistics that have been compiled from various sources. These facts can tell how smoking habit affects the non smokers, how much states earns from tobacco excise taxes and how many smokers are in U.S. There are many interesting facts about cigarette smoking that one may not know and should know.

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Tobacco company defends ads of past

DELAND — In the black and white television days of the 1950s and early 1960s, “virtually everyone” was exposed to information linking cigarettes to lung cancer, a historian testified for tobacco company R.J. Reynolds on Wednesday in court. The cigarette maker defended a claim from a Daytona Beach grandmother, who is seeking damages for the lung cancer she suffered. Stella … Continue reading

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