Western Illinois University to Become Smoke-Free

Smoking Woman

Western Illinois University wants to become smoke-free as many universities in the USA. It was estimated that more than thousand American college campuses have become smoke free. There was made a survey which revealed that there are many people who are against smoking ban on campus. Smokers say it is their right to smoke. When they do it outside they do not hurt anyone.

However, the supporters of the ban say that they are forced to walk every day  through clouds of tobacco smoke, because smokers stand right next to the doors of buildings and light up, totally ignoring the 15 feet rule.

It should be said that there are people who are allergic to tobacco smoke and exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger asthma or allergy attacks.  The sufferer may experience such symptoms as sore throat and coughing. Smoking on campus puts at risk those people.

Does anybody care about cigarette butts thrown anywhere and everywhere?

When you walk to the Union you may encouner a smoker and there is nowhere to go.There may be not a single smoker but many. And you just walk behind these people while they are smoking their cigarettes. You can make two things: inhale secondhand smoke or hold your breath.

There were times when smoking was cool but these times are gone. Today people are aware about health effects of smoking and they prefer not to smoke. Also today smoking became expensive as state increased tobacco taxes. However, most smokers say that it is cheaper to buy cigarettes online.

When smokers are asked about smoking they say it helped them to relax and relieve from stress.

Smoking on campus affects not only smokers but also many other people who pass behind. Therefore, if  smoking ban on campus will be adopted, things would only change for the better, the supporters say.

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