Vogue Germany ‘s ‘Health Intiative’ Editorial Features a Woman Smoking a Cigarette

As a part of Vogue‘s new health initiative, which aims to promote healthier, more realistic body images in the pages of its magazines, all of the Vogues dedicated their June issues to health. American Vogue put Olympic athletes on its cover; French Vogue put Gisele Bundchen’s annoyingly perfect ass; British Vogue made Kate Moss into an Olympian and German Vogue did something a little different. While Caroline Murphy is the cover star, there’s an editorial inside called “The Naked Truth,” for which Peter Lindbergh shot “powerful women” including Nadja Auermann, Julia Stegner, Nina Hoss, Luca Gadjus and Donata Wenders–all without makeup, retouching, or, in some cases, clothing.

Smoking Nina Hoss

Nina Hoss smoking a cigarette for “The Naked Truth” editorial

The resulting black and white photographs are pretty gorgeous and reveal what we wish we saw more of in magazines–natural beauty. None of the subjects look bad–granted, black and white tends to be pretty flattering. However, there were a couple of images that don’t quite seem to fit into the “healthy” concept. Like, those two of actress Nina Hoss smoking a cigarette? She may not be an underage underweight model and she may not have been made-up or retouched, but she’s doing one of the most unhealthy things you can do.

We guess if the point of the spread was just to portray “real women,” it fits–real women do smoke cigarettes–but if it’s inspired by something called a health initiative, we’re not entirely on board–even if she is “unretouched.”

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