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Angelina Jolie is Chain-Smoking, Drinking, and Bursting into Tears

It seems that recent criticism of Angelina Jolie has sent the insecure celeb on crying jags and has her smoking cigarettes and drinking to the point of drunkenness.  Apparently producers of her new movie, Maleficent, are concerned that Angelina’s gaunt appearance and new chain-smoking habit do not auger well.  A Hollywood source told In Touch Print Edition, March 26, that … Continue reading Continue reading

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Why smoking is a pain in the back

Chiropractors’ Association of Australia SA president Dr Brett Hill says smoking dehydrates spinal discs which provide shock absorption for the back. He said including the warning on cigarette packets could give smokers an immediate reason to consider quitting, while warnings about tooth decay and lung cancer indicated future problems for smokers. “Back pain is something that people are rather fearful … Continue reading

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Is Adele’s Smoking Killing Her Voice?

The singer, who has been forced to cancel her ten-date US tour because of a vocal cord complaint, said: “Smoking is not the reason I got laryngitis – it was because I was talking too much. “I damage my voice offstage, not onstage. “Onstage I am fine as apparently I am technically great, but when I talk I damage my … Continue reading

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