Stamford Considers to Ban Smoking in Parks

Smoking Woman

Smokers in Stamford, the city located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, today in those beautiful spring days may enjoy smoking in city parks. However, in the nearest future  the city plans to adopt smoking ban in public spaces including parks.

In March, the Parks and Recreation Commission passed a new smoke-free policy. It is likely that the health director of Stamford will seek support from the Board of Representatives for an ordinance making smoking in city parks illegal.

City residents mostly like the idea as they talk about the desire to breathe fresh air. Resident Urszula Pawlus often goes for a walk to Mill River Park and she is in favor of the ban. She explains that she is aware about the negative effects of secondhand smoke exposure and wants to be prevented from it in public places.

However, smokers who visit parks for a smoke break, dislike the idea of smoking ban. Khari Walker smokes Camel Black cigarettes for years and says that his life is too stressful to refuse from smoking habit. When he comes to light up in the park, he normally he choses to smoke alone, at the distance of 20 yards from other people and the crowd. He explains that he works hard and needs cigarettes to relax.

Walker recognizes that smoking ban is a good thing which would help to make air cleaner for kids and elderly people. However, he consider that is would be fair to make designated areas for smoking, because it is not so easy to get rid of the habit and many people would continue to smoke.

City Health Director Anne Fountain told that a number of cities in the state of  Connecticut banned smoking on beaches. Initially she came with a proposal to prohibit smoking only on beaches and playgrounds, but  the commission took a decision to include all city parks in its policy.

Fountain and  Thaddeus Jankowski, the city’s chief of public safety, health and welfare, consider that most smokers would obey to the new rules. Howver, violations may be reported to Police.

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