Smoke-Free Parks in Charles City, Iowa

Smoke-Free Park

Charles City in Iowa state wants to make its parks smoke-free in order to create a healthy environment for people.

Recreation Board and Charles City Park in collaboration with FOCUS, a Floyd County substance abuse prevention program, act to eliminate use of tobacco at all public parks in the city. Totally there are 13 parks in the city and the new anti-tobacco initiative is a very important task. According to Steve Lindaman, Park and Recreation Director, the greatest part of community supports the project.

He says that it would not be hard to implement the initiative. At the beginning there will be installed no smoking signs asking smokers to stop.

The major aim of the smoking ban in Charles City parks is to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke that proved to be dangerous.

Shelley Smith, FOCUS Prevention Specialist says that having smoke-free playgrounds for kids will be very beneficial for them and their parents. Smith tolks about the importance to prevent young people from starting smoking at their early age. Healthy lifestyle and environment protection should be promoted in early childhood and this will help to grow up a healthy nation.

The plan is to post special signs in city parks asking people to stop smoking on the park premises. There will be written next message on signs “Please do not smoke, there are healthy lungs at play.”  Smith hopes that these signs will help people understand the harm smoking has on those around them.

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