New Smoke-Free Initiative in Oceanside

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The city of Oceanside in California wants to prohibit use of tobacco in outdoor patios retaurants after all. That is the first approval of City Council. In case the law passes on the second meeting, it would come into action in 30 days.

Initially the idea was proposed in 2013, but the Council did not manage to come to a common agreement, because a part of them opposed the initiative. However, after November election there was formed a new Council majority which showed a great support for the law prohibiting smoking at outdoor dining areas such as restaurant and bars patios.

The law already is in place in such cities as Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, and the County of San Diego.

Councilwoman Esther Sanchez told that people’s health is a major priority. She used cigarettes for eight years and considered it was a social kind of thing. Friends adviced her to quit and when she decided to follow their advice she relized how difficult it is.

Not all Council Members supported the law. Two of them, Jerry Kern and Jack Feller, voted against it explaining that it will never do to interfere with private business and impose what they should do and what not.

The Vista Community Clinic along with North Coastal Prevention Coalition promoted the necessity of smoking ban in restaurants and bars patios claiming that it affects negatively non-smoking workers and patrons.

Data presented by North Coastal Prevention Coalition shows that 69 of 100 city restaurants go smoke-free. Eight cities in the county and 120 cities in California state passed smoke-free outdoor dining laws.

During public hearings, a dozen of residents spoke in favor of the law. They told they do not to be exposed along with their families to the secondhand smoke in Oceanside restaurants. Some business owners showed their disagreemnt with the proposal as they consider patios should have areas for smokers.

Tom Ratowski is the owner of Sports Bar and The Draft Restaurant considers people should decide by themselves in what establishment to go. Many of his permanant visitors are smokers and he is worried that they may choose to go elsewhere.  he cannot agree with that law.

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