R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is the second largest tobacco manufacturer in the United States of America. The tobacco products of this company are distinguished and characterized as qualitative and affordable. It was founded in 1875 by the son of tobacco farmer R. J. Reynolds. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company became extremely successful incredibly fast.

During the first years after the company’s foundation it was a modest enterprise with seasonal workers, but with the course of time the company began to produce and sell more than 2 million pounds of tobacco products per year.

Reynolds Brands

R.J. Reynolds’s most popular cigarette brands

In 25 years R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company owned already all the little tobacco producing enterprises in Winston-Salem. During that time the company provided 1/4 of the whole chewing tobacco products, distributed in the United States. New ways significantly were conducive to the expansion of the demand and accordingly the manufacture of the cigarettes.

Advanced techniques of advertisement helped to market the cigarette product and make it famous all over the states.

In 1931 well-known Camel cigarette brand were first introduced. Camel cigarettes were made of the popular “American Blend” tobacco. This blend consists in a combination of tobacco types, which provide a unique soothing and fine taste. Camel brand reached popularity and success so fast that government made a decision to make Winston-Salem region an official port of entry in the USA. In the course of time Winston-Salem port of entry became one of the eight major ports in the US, despite of that region is located rather far from the ocean coast.

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company became so popular was the attitude of its founder to his employees. In 1920’s there were built nearly 180 houses for the company’s workers and they were sold at extremely low cost. The town of houses was called Reynoldstown. R. J. Reynolds provided new workplaces, good working conditions and decent salaried to his workers. That surely was conducive to the improvement of the product quality and reputation of the company.

By the end of the 20th century, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was the main distributor of tobacco products, producing 2/3 of the tobacco products sold in US. The affordable prices for cigarette brands such as Viceroy and Pall Mall contributed to the success and popularity of these cigarettes and make them accessible to the average customer.

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