Quitting Smoking Effects on the Body

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Smoking tobacco on a regular basis is a habit which causes addiction. A smoker does not get addicted at once, it takes some time to get addicted to nicotine. When he tries to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal symptoms do appear and it makes quitting smoking quite difficult. Smoker experiences these symptoms also when he reduces the number of cigarettes he usually used to smoke.

Smoker experiences next signs and symptoms when quitting smoking:
• Headaches and tingling sensations in limbs
• Insomnia and disturbed sleep
• Common cold like symptoms
• Mental confusion and weakened concentration
• Mood swings, irritability and restlessness
• Nausea, fatigue, drowsiness and digestion problems like constipation and diarrhea
• Mild or even severe depression
• Reduction in blood pressure and return of blood pressure and heart rate to normal levels
• Cravings for tobacco

These symptoms may last from sevaral days to 12 weeks. First days after quitting smoking  these symptoms are more intense. In order to achieve good results and experience milder symptoms after quitting smoking, it is recommended to remind yourself about your goal to quit smoking as frequently as you may. This will help you to get rid of these discomforts very quickly.

As to duration of the symtoms and signs, they wary in types and intensity over different stages. During the first 20 minutes of quitting smoking, there is noted such positive effect as turning to normal levels of blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. Besides this, risk of heart attacks is reduced.

The same day oxygen and monoxide rates come to normal which may make people experience mental confusion and nausea. The next day smoker feels bad-tempered and this day blood circulation returns to normal. At this stage man feels great desire to smoke a cigarette, however, enduring nicotine withdrawal symptoms can help a lot in quitting smoking. With all these symptoms, in several days the nervous system gets improved.

From fifth day of quitting smoking, it becomes much easier for the smoker to continue to go through this goal.  Cravings get reduced in the second week and his skin looks much better and his hankering to smoking disappers.

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