Philip Morris Is Releasing a Bunch of Crazy New Cigarettes

In order to prevent the decrease of smoking, cigarette manufacturers are trying to improve exciting new products, which are popular among children by the way.

Philip Morris stated that the company believes in prospect of Next Generation Products (NPGs).

NPGs mean the creation and development of “a reduced harm alternative,” but principally they include gimmicks.

Conventional cigarette innovation of Philip Morris.

Philip Morris accomplished two new innovations for conventional cigarettes.

L&M U-Spin

L&M U-Spin cigarette pack

1. The L&M U-spin cigarette possesses a unique filter, allowing smokers to choose the amount of ambient air that attenuates the cigarette smoke, and thus modifying the strength of the flavor.

2. Parliament in Russia was sold for a very small time – just nearly 3-4 weeks.  A Parliament specially designed pack was developed by a so-called “Fresnel lens” printing technique in order to reach a unique visual effect and make the product to be distinguished on the shelf. It is considered that such innovativeness of Philip Morris is a good idea and can produce a considerable income in the future.

Next Generation Products’ details.

Within the next five years tobacco company Philip Morris intends to develop three different types of Next Generation Products that are at present only called Platforms 1, 2 and 3.

Platform 1 represents the heating of tobacco instead of burning it, applying an external heat source. In a way, it is looking like the Heatbar, which Philip Morris assayed nearly five years ago, but which did not get any significant user acceptance. The new product is much smaller in size, with a good design and less “awkward” looking. Performers who used it at the analyst day were very pleased by it and affirmed to have switched completely from regular cigarettes. These specially designed cigarettes are much shorter and more tightly packed than regular cigarettes.

Platform 2 as well heats tobacco, but has an internal heat source that would be lighted by a smoker with a regular lighter. Looking like Reynolds American’s (RAI, $43.33, hold) Eclipse cigarette, it does not burn down and except for not having to flick off the ash, the smoker experience is very likely to regular cigarettes.

Platform 3 produces a nicotine aerosol and is the furthest from commercialization. It does not use any heating or burning.

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