Why people continue to smoke

Except for the fact that nicotine is very addictive, which makes it really difficult to stop smoking, many adults have their own motives for smoking continuation.

Smoking Cigarette

A burning cigarette in the hand

A majority of people hold by an opinion that they need cigarettes to cope with stress or nerves. But, nicotine is a stimulator;  it forces person’s heart beat faster and increases your blood pressure, so actually, smoking does not help ease you at all or help you fight with difficult situations.

Other smoking people affirm that smoking habit relaxes them. This is also wrong because people are indeed relaxing when sitting down and drinking a coffee or a cup of tea with friends, watching TV or taking a rest from working.

People are likely to think that smoking have a relaxing impact on their nervous system, when in fact, cigarette smoking just blocks the withdrawal symptoms that have begun to kick in after not having one for a while.

If your family members, or just one, or your partner have smoking habit, then certainly it will be much difficult to give up smoking, even though you may indeed want to.

Many women do not want quitting smoking as they consider that they will put on a weight if they quit smoking. Once you stop smoking though, you will be much fitter and have much more energy, which could motivate you into taking up some form of exercise or joining a gym.

If it is referred to adolescents and teenagers, smoking is a way for making new acquaintances or starting new conversation.

Ultimately, some people take up smoking if they are tired or have nothing to do. But the most appropriate solution for this problem is to interest you in something else.

If people start smoking, then they quickly become addicted to this habit and continue smoking for the longest time.

Some people cope with smoking cessation, evidently after many ineffective tries, while others will not stop smoking in no circumstances.

It is obvious fact but more than 50% of smoking people want that they didn’t smoke and that they could quit smoking tomorrow.

Consequently, it is obvious that most people continue smoking as they are addicted to nicotine. Smoking people must have an immense amount in order to quit smoking for good and all.

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