Kevin Spacey gave up alcohol and cigarettes for Richard III

Kevin Spacey gave up alcohol and cigarettes for his version of Richard III.

Kevin Spacey in Richard III

Kevin Spacey playing in Richard III

“If there was one play that we really, really didn’t want to f**k up this was it,” said the actor.

“The expectations were so high,” added Spacey, 52, who is collaborating with acclaimed director Sam Mendes for the play.

The Usual Suspects star admitted being very worried about the physical exertion of the three-hour play – which he is performing night after night for almost a year. He was so concerned that he gave up cigarettes and alcohol.

“I talked to other actors that had done Richard. Everyone talked about how much they f**ked themselves up physically from it,” added Spacey.

“I was like well, s**t…they were only doing a run of 12 or 15 weeks and I have to keep it running for 10 months.”

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