Kent cigarettes review

Today, there a lot of tobacco companies, which launch frequently new tobacco products and feature them by means of various advertisements.  However, only few cigarette makers can be proud of manufacturing qualitative and worthy cigarettes. One of such tobacco companies is British American Tobacco.

The company is the owner of a majority of cigarette brands that are popular worldwide and recognized as the best ones. One of the well-known BAT’s cigarette brands that achieved fame among smoking people is Kent cigarettes.

Kent Cigarettes

BAT’s Kent cigarette brand

Kent cigarette brand was created in 1952 and became popular in a short time. These high-quality cigarettes are sold at affordable price and that is one of the reasons why they are so popular among smokers.

Kent cigarettes are called the filter pioneer in the tobacco industry because BAT first applied filter in its cigarettes in 1952. Primarily, this filter was made of asbestos, but nowadays the cigarettes are manufactured only with new charcoal filters.

Kent cigarettes were always referred to premium class and were sold in soft packs. Soft cigarette pack was the distinctive feature of Kent cigarettes carton among the others.

Kent Nanotek cigarettes are sold in elegant thin packs. There are Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes that are sold in a black pack, Kent Nanotek Infina – in a grey pack and Kent Nanotek Futura – in a red pack. These cigarettes possess smooth taste and pleasant flavor. Initially, Kent King cigarettes were estimated as expensive ones as they referred to premium class and people preferred them to other cigarettes.

The tobacco company has launched Kent cigarettes 70 mm long. Notwithstanding that this cigarette brand was in competition with successful and popular cigarette brands, it blew up the USA cigarette market.

Kent cigarettes were manufactured in different flavors: original variants and menthol flavored. The development and rebranding have made important changes in Kent cigarettes review. These cigarettes are released in wide assortment:

Kent HD Spectra: tar – 6 mg; nicotine – 0,5 mg

Kent Convertibles: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg

Kent HD Futura (Futura 8): tar – 8 mg; nicotine – 0,7 mg

Kent HD Neo (Neo 4): tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg

Kent HD Infinia (White 1): tar – 1 mg; nicotine – 0,1 mg

Kent Nanotek Neo: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,4 mg

Kent Nanotek Infina: tar – 1 mg; nicotine – 0,2 mg

Kent Nanotek Futura: tar – 7 mg; nicotine – 0,6 mg

It’s worth noting that Kent cigarettes were crated to be used as well by the beginners. Especially for the, BAT created Kent HD Infinia (White 1) and  Kent Nanotek Infina cigarettes that have a minimum amount of tar and nicotine. Admirers of strong and medium cigarettes can enjoy Kent Nanotek cigarettes.

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