History of Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes are a luxury brand of cigarettes made by the BAT company. A less known fact is that DUNHILL International cigarettes American distribution is owned and operated by R. J. Reynolds, who are most notably famous for their Camel cigarettes brand.

Dunhill cigarettes are classified as “Premium”, despite the fact that they are not used much in demand. They are sold in the following variants: Dunhill International and Dunhill King size. Dunhill International was formerly known as Dunhill Red Gold.

Dunhill Cigarettes Line

The line of Dunhill cigarettes: Dunhill International, Dunhill Top Leaf, Dunhill Fine Cut and Dunhill King Size

The traditions of Dunhill Tobacco House originate in 1907, when Alfred Dunhill opened his own store at the outstanding district of London Saint James on Duke Street. The tobacco store offered great variety of first class cigars and tobacco blends. At the beginning of the XX-th century at Saint James one can see famous clubs for gentlemen, where the art of cigar smoking was the principal thing. Soon, among regular customers were the representatives of British aristocracy. First cigarettes under cover of Dunhill appeared in 1912, and in 1965 Dunhill King Size also appeared.

Russian smokers discovered Dunhill cigarettes in 1994. At that time cigarettes were provided by Rothmans International Company. In 1999 British American Tobacco claimed about the merging with Rothmans International, after which Dunhill brand passed to British American Tobacco.

British American Tobacco, often seen and frequently known as BAT, is a company being in business for over 100 years, trading through the hard periods of wars, revolutions and nationalisations as well as all the controversy surrounding smoking.

The business was formed in 1902, as a joint venture between the UK’s Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company founded by James ‘Buck’ Duke.

Despite its name, derived from the home bases of its two founding companies, British American Tobacco was established to trade outside both the UK and the USA, and grew from its roots in dozens of countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and continental Europe.

Dunhill Cigarettes retain the smell of fresh tobacco and have a complex taste to them. Spicy, with a hint of sweetness, Dunhill Cigarettes do taste like real tobacco. Aroma is enticing and not spoiled by excessive use of various additives making Dunhill Cigarettes’ taste a pure and recognizable one.

At present Dunhill Cigarettes began to be produced in St. Petersburg, Russia. In connection with the start of production in Russia, the number of Dunhill smokers decreased, but the representatives of British American Tobacco argued that the prejudice about the decline in the quality of cigarettes does not relate to the Dunhill brand, defending in such a way Russian made cigarettes.

The line of Dunhill cigarettes includes: Dunhill Top Leaf, Dunhill Fine Cut (3 types), and Dunhill King Size (4 types). Dunhill Top Leaf are made from wrapper of Virginia tobacco, due to which they have a bright taste and aroma. Dunhill Fine Cut differs by the way of cutting tobacco leaf. It is cut two times thinner than in ordinary cigarettes, namely: 46 times per square inch. In addition, a pack of Dunhill Fine Cut has a catchy design – it is used pearl paper, embossing and monogram of Dunhill at the coal-filter cigarette.

One of the best slogans, characterizing this cigarette brand is: “Internationally acknowledged to be the finest cigarettes in the world.”

A great many other interesting things and facts can be told and analysed about Dunhill Cigarettes, that worth to be mentioned and read but we tried to provide you with just a few of the most important in our opinion.

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  1. J J Norcup says:

    Why do the packets of cigarettes I buy, which are Red in colour with Gold lettering & trim of
    Dunhill International, have on the edge in red lettering ‘Manufactured under Authority of
    Dunhill Tobacco of London Ltd ‘ if BAT owns the Brand ?

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