French working on their smoking

Five years after France introduced a tobacco smoking ban in public places, a survey on behalf of anti-smoking activists indicates that increasing numbers of people are breaking the rules, particularly at work, according to a story in The Local.

French Smoking Ban

Smoking ban sign in a French railway station

Regulations introduced five years ago banned tobacco smoking in all public places, including restaurants, caf├ęs and workplaces.

The survey, conducted for the anti-smoking group, Droits des Non-Fumeurs (Non-Smokers Rights), found that 64 per cent of those questioned said they had seen people smoking in places where it was banned.

In 2008, a similar survey found that just eight per cent of people had been exposed to cigarette smoke at work but, by 2009, this had risen to 21 per cent.

The most recent survey, conducted in December, found that 36 per cent of those questioned had been in the presence of people smoking while at work.

The organisation is using the results to call for an increase in the number of inspections.

There was no mention of how many people were questioned, where or how.

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