Foster Homes to Become Smoke-Free in Minnesota


At the end of last week the Minnesota Legislature adopted the Health and Human Services Policy Omnibus Bill, which included a paragraph which makes foster homes smoke-free in the entire state.

Molly Moilanen, Director of Public Affairs at ClearWay Minnesota says that smoke-free foster homes will help to protect children from effects of secondhand smoke on the body. When the bill will become a law it will ensure healthier homes for kids in foster care in the entire state of Minnesota.

Today in Minnesota there are almost 8,000 children are in the foster care system. A study found that these children are at higher risks to suffer from a number of chronic medical conditions. Besides this, it was found that secondhand smoke may cause  respiratory infections, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS),  asthma attacks and ear infections.

More than half of American states and 9 Minnesota counties already have similar smoke-free policies in place. This measure is supported by 93% of Minnesotans and the National Foster Parent Association.  It is expected that Mark Dayton, the  Governor, this week will sign the bill into law.

Moilanen expresses their thanks to Representative Tina Liebling and Senator Jeff Hayden, who supported this bill, and to all those who helped pass it. Minnesota was waiting for long for such a law to be adopted and now smoking cigarettes in foster homes will be banned. Also from summer University of Minnesota become tobacco-free.

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