Doctor Creates Safe Quit Smoking Product

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Tobacco is a quite strong thing for smokers as it is not so easy for many of them to quit smoking. After a long war with smoking habit, smokers pick up a pack of cigarettes again. Here even anti-tobacco ads do not work.

Dr. Hassan Amjad of Beckley, a researcher-physician, says that in this war may greatly help chewing tobacco, claiming that this the result of 20 years of personal research in the field. Amjad is an oncologist and besides this a  herbalist known for preferring natural remedies.

There were made no many studies on chewing tobacco but it is well known that tobacco itself is addictive like cocaine. Amjad says that in Appalachia it is common to chew and dip tobacco and there should be no problem to use this practice in US big cities like New York and San Francisco.

Amjad supposes chewing tobacco is a outstanding practice that remain from the mining industry. The miners could not smoke cigarettes in the coal mines for safety reasons, therefore, they started to chew tobacco. The miners were young when they started to chew tobacco and now they continue to do it being at older age.

Amjad made a personal research in a high school and found out that among young people chewing tobacco is widely spread. Chewing tobacco is not 100% safe but it is safer than smoking tobacco.

All that inspired Amjad to create a unique product called “Smoke-Less” to fight not only smoking but obesity too.

“Smoke-Less” suggests that the herbal substance put on the tongue retrains the brain to put down sweets and tobacco like the learned response of avoiding a certain food when connected to an unpleasant experience, in this case, sour taste. Amjad claims it can even help patients to get rid of drinking alcohol.

It is not swallowed. You put the powder on your tongue and it changes taste perceptions making tobacco taste like earwax. After some time of using it, you forget about your smoking habit.

Amjad says he has created an effective and really safe way to quit smoking. Many people who don’t want to quit smoking are afraid they will gain weight. For two hours using Smoke-Less, their food will not taste great either!

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