Britney Spears Gets Engaged to Boyfriend - E Cigarettes Sealed the Bond

The media is abuzz with reports of confirmation regarding Britney Spears’ engagement with boyfriend Jason Trawick since Friday. However it is now that Britney Spears has openly admitted the role of e-cigarettes in cementing their bond of love.

Britney Spears Smoking

Britney Spears Smoking and speaking on the telephone

The rumors had already been rife about the couple’s engagement, but Trawick put all speculations to rest after revealing the truth about their engagement to T.V Show “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

Britney Spears, who was previously married to dancer Kevin Federline for two years and later to childhood friend Jason Alexander for merely 55 hour duration revealed that electronic cigarettes have helped her get a hold over her life. Before she started dating Trawick in May 2010, she was faced with the challenge to leave aside the baggage of the past few years in her life which had been extremely turbulent post her losing the custody of her children and her rehabilitation following a public meltdown.

Another challenge she was facing was to quit cigarettes. She knew that tobacco had been hampering her life but she simply could not give up on the habit. The delay in engagement was probably because Britney wanted to leave aside the habit and then enter a new bond, afresh, leaving aside her turbulent past.

E Cigarettes proved instrumental in helping Spears achieve her aim. “Britney shifted from tobacco to e cigs as soon as she heard about them. She simply loves them now. Trawick is thrilled at her successful transition too and has joined the e cigarette fan club along with her!” revealed a source close to her. Britney is also reported to love the vanilla flavored e cigarettes the most.

“Electronic cigarettes are great and work for almost everyone. They are safe for human health as well as the environment, are cheap and offer more variety- what else could someone ask for?” averred Madhukar Yadav, the head at a popular electronic cigarette review website.

Electric smoke has won accolades in the past, but with the pop diva embracing these, a good example is sure to be set for the public. Kudos to Britney for having made such a smart choice and setting a great example for her fans.

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