Britney Spears Caught Smoking at Playboy Mansion?

Britney Spears seems to be into the sticks these days! Photos of Britney puffing on a cigarette while hanging out at the Playboy Mansion last week have surfaced via Twitter.

Britney Spears Playboy Mansion

Britney Spears was caught smoking at the Playboy Mansion.

Of course this begs two questions. First, what is Britney Spears doing at the Playboy Mansion and more importantly, isn’t smoking bad for one’s singing yet alone overall health.

Look, perhaps Brit was blowing off a little steam at the Playboy party. She certainly has been in and out of hearings around the conservatorship of her cash. Obviously she is getting money enough to go purchase cigarettes, that’s for sure.

As for the entire Playboy Mansion business, is it possible that Britney could end up in pictorial in Hugh Hefner’s magazine anytime soon. Perhaps he was selling Spears on continuing to rehabilitate her career. If he could sell Lindsay Lohan on a full-nude spread, perhaps he could snag another Disney star in Britney Spears.

Still, would anyone pay to see a naked Britney these days? How could that be any good for her conservatorship hearings? One thing is clear, if she wants to have better luck with her singing career, perhaps she should stop smoking!

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