Bay Area to Expand Exsisting Smoking Ban

Smoking Woman

Lawmakers in Bay Area in California are working over new anti-smoking restcrictions which would reduce number of public places where people could light up. Local authorities agreed to adopt an ordinance which would eliminate smoking from outdoor public events and dining areas and make housing apartments free of tobacco smoke.

In case the smoking ban would be approved, smokers would have less public places to smoke cigarettes including workplaces, within 25 feet of playgrounds. and inside residential multiunit common areas. The stae law already bans smoking in schools, hosptals and foster homes.

The Californian city of Orinda prohibits use of tobacco only in public parks, trails and nature zones. Besides this, the municipal law bans promoting and advertising of tobacco products to kids. Steve Glazer, the Mayor of Orinda, believes that his city would expand smoking ban to sidewalks, dining areas and public events. He says that people’s health is a priority.

Representatives of the American Lung Association in California, say that Orinda shows worst results in tobacco control among Contra Costa cities. The Associations’ State of Tobacco Control 2015 report gave the city the rate F, because it falied in regulating indoor and outdoor smoking. Neighboring cities of Moraga and Lafayette have a rating of C as they in 2013 banned smoking in multiunit housing and outdoor dining areas.

The Association welcomes Orinda’s anti-smoking initiative. However, the smoking bans have opposers too who talk about their rights.

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