Bali to Create No Smoking-Zones

This is a hot news for smoker and non smoker tourist who visits Bali.

Bali beach

The amazing view of Bali island

Recently, Bali Government have made a plan to create a Smoke-Free zones in certain location in Bali. Locations that in consideration are like public areas, hospital or medical treatment areas, school or any education areas, places of worship, and many more. This new law will covers smokers and the owner of any property where this regulation are set and placed.

Strong sanction already prepared for those who break the Free zones, such as fined tens of millions of rupiah or jailed for more than three months. Those penalties go to smoker. On the other hand this regulation is also covers companies or building owners, or managers.

The chosen buildings or areas should follow the regulation and smoking ban in their area, otherwise will be sanctioned for 50 million rupiah or suspension of the operation license.

This new regulation is still being socialized across regencies in Bali, and will be applied right after then. By this regulation, it is hoped that it will decrease the number of smokers so the health in the society will be well-preserve.

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