2014 Games in Glasgow Will be Smoke-Free Zone

Glasgow 2014

Chiefs from Commonwealth Games said that the event which takes place the next year will be smoke-free. Smoking cigarettes and sale of tobacco products will be prohibited across all venues and areas surrounding them.

There will placed big screens and other signs with  messages which will remind everyone of smoke-free restrictions. Glasgow 2014 has worked together with the Scottish Government to set up a smoke-free policy for the Games in order to meet rules established by the WHO.

David Grevemberg, the chief executive, said that Glasgow 2014 is empathetic and with a great desire wants to contribute to Scottish Government’s anti-smoking initiatives. He said that smoke-free policy on Games 2014 is an appropriate step towards achieving this aim. It would be a perfect opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle.

In his turn, Michael Matheson, public Health Minister said that he welcomes this action as it contributes to plan for a smoke-free Scotland by 2034.

Glasgow 2014 would celebrate sporting excellence and it recognizes that smoking tobacco is not a healthy habit for men and women in the entire world. In 2014 will be put into action  a more advanced smoking policy for the Games than at any other major sporting event which ever took place in Scotland.

Prohibiting smoking in public places around stadiums and prohibiting sale of cigarettes in Glasgow 2014 venues would lower attractiveness of tobacco and strenghten anti-smoking messages to spectators and visitors, especially youth.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of Ash Scotland, said she also welcomes the initiative to make Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games smoke-free for children and families.

This would be an important step forward in Scotland to put tobacco, which causes addiction, completely out of fashion for the next generation.

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