Camel Color Limited Edition Released in South Korea

Camel Color Limited Edition

Japan Tobacco International Korea told about its plans to release new Camels under the name of Camel Color Limited Edition made up of several styles packed in bright packages. According to the representatives of the company, new Camels edition would help smokers discover new taste and look of the brand.

The Camel Color Limited Edition consists of five amazing varieties packed in five different packages: yellow, orange, pink, blue and green. Camel logos are colored in contrasting colors.

The JTI company says that the brand Camel itself is about inspiring creativity. The new limited edition will provide self-expression in addition to its original smooth taste and aroma. Also it adds that new colorful variety of Camels is a conversation starter and an example of style. Besides this, five different colors of packs give an interesting opportunity to choose from as Camel Color brings out the bold creative spirit in every smoker. Everyone will find a color for him.

Camel ColorĀ  represents a limited edition of well-known Camel Blue (6 mg tar, 0.5 mg nicotine), and will be sold in South Korea for 4,000 won ($3.60) per pack.

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