Vintage Camel Cigarettes Thanksgiving Ad

Today it is celebrated Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

The main piece of present-day Thanksgiving in the United States is a big meal, usually centered around a large roasted turkey. Almost all the dishes in the traditional American variant of Thanksgiving dinner are composed of foods native to the New World as in accordance with tradition the Pilgrims got these foods from the Native Americans.

Camel Ad

Vintage Camel cigarettes Thanksgiving ad indicates that it needs to smoke after every course.

In accordance with this vintage Camel advertisement, it is necessary 4 to 5 cigarettes just to make it through a Turkey Day meal as “Camel Cigarettes Aid With Your Thanksgiving Digestion!”

Camel Cigarette Ad

Camel cigarettes and Thanksgiving Day

This old Camel advertisement of original cigarette marketing was back in the time when smoking at the dinner table was a given.

1926 original ad of Camel cigarettes is linked to Thanksgiving Day. The ad says:” When the Thanksgiving feast is spread – and gay friends gather – when you’re joyously thankful for another year of health and plenty – have a Camel!”


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