Mild Seven to become Mevius on Japanese cigarette market soon

Japan Tobacco Inc is planning to make Mevius the leading global premium cigarette brand.

Currently, it is likely reasonable to state that the name Mevius is not popular all over the world, but it is assured a significant level of success since it is the new name of Mild Seven, one of the JT Group’s Global Flagship Brands.

Mild Seven Become Mevius

JT renames its key brand to Nevius

The Mild Seven name will be modified to Mevius on the Japanese market from early February.

Japan Tobacco, the maker of Winston and Glamour cigaretttes, has assured that it will ‘still provide further added value and demands to consumers by positively growing investment to improve its brand equity…’

No modifications are being done to the flavor and aroma of non-menthol Mild Seven while becoming Mevius, but packages have been renovated and a clicklock pack is being released in respect of 10-piece boxes.

The two Mild Seven menthol varieties, Aqua and Impact, will be changed to a new completely natural menthol product variety, ‘’Mevius Premium Menthol’.

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