Marlboro Cigarette Development

Manufactured by Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA, Marlboro cigarette brand is still one of the most famous  and preferred brand all over the world. For a long time, appealing magazine and billboard ads help boost the brand’s popularity. Its biggest producing plant is located in the City of Richmond in Virginia. The name of brand was taken from the Great Marlborough Street, which is located in London. Along with these interesting facts, it is also good to know the dimensions of Marlboro pack.

Marlboro Red

Marlboro cigarettes advertisement

The Dimensions of a Marlboro Pack

A common pack of Marlboro cigarettes has 8.5 centimeters high, 5 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters deep. But, there are special types, some of which are a bit smaller than regular dimensions, while others are slightly bigger. Some of the common cigarettes involve the Marlboro Menthol, Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Reds. Outside the United States, some special Marlboro products are as well manufactured such as Marlboro Gold Touch in Europe, Marlboro Black Menthol in Japan and Marlboro Ice Chill in Australia.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Marlboro appeared in the United States in 1902, only after the tobacco company Philip Morris, which is based in London, founded a subsidiary in New York. In the course of that time, the cigarette giant marketed various kinds or cigarette brands, one of which was Marlboro. In 1924, the firm promoted Marlboro as a cigarette for women. The slogan of these advertising was “Mild as May.” The brand sold successfully. But, it broke when World War II began.

When the war was over, three different brands led the cigarette market, specifically Chesterfield, Lucky Strike and Camel. During the war, these cigarette brands were provided to the soldiers of the United States. This significant growth provided success to these three brands when the war ended.

To make cigarettes more attractive to customers, many tobacco giants, headed by Philip Morris, began to manufacture cigarettes with filters. In 1955, Philip Morris presented a new advanced Marlboro cigarette with filter. The company invented the “Marlboro Country” slogan in the early parts of the 1960s. It offered the brand a new and advanced image that became a huge hit to many people, particularly to men.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carried out a research in 2002 concerning the use of Marlboro cigarettes amongst scholars. According to the conclusions, the rate of smokers amongst college students was 52%. Amongst middle school students, the rate of Marlboro smokers was 41.8% at that time.

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