Are light cigarettes better than regular cigarettes?

Obviously many people, especially smoking people, ask themselves if ultra mild, mild and light cigarettes are safer than common cigarettes? Whether these cigarettes help give up smoking or are better for health are things that most smokers want to believe.

Light Cig Smoking

Girl lighting up a cigarette

What is the real affect of mild, ultra mild or light cigarettes? Do the mild cigarettes truly help smokers stop smoking? There are a lot of myths nowadays.

What are light cigarettes?

– Cigarette makers use cellulose acetate filters in light cigarettes in order to trap tar.
– It is used porous paper in these cigarettes to escape toxins.
– Ventilation holes in the filter tip are to dilute smoke with air.
– Light cigarette have various blends of tobacco.

Dr. Gyandeep Mangal, Senior consultant in Respiratory Medicine with Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute said on the affect of light cigarettes on the human health, “The affect of light cigarettes is same as those of usual ones as it is the result of cumulative ‘dose’ of smoking over years that results in health problems. The crucial matter is the behavioral pattern of smoking which often modifies when a person is using ‘lighter’ cigarettes contributing eventually to inhale of same quantity of dangerous chemicals in the smoke.”

He explained the difference in the cigarettes, saying that the composition of smoke from typical and ‘mild’ ones is mostly the same. The only distinction is the amount of smoke inhaled per smoke by the cigarette user which is considered to be less with ‘milder’ ones. However, the cigarette smoker can change the way he or she smokes the cigarette and as a result can inhale the same amount of smoke as from an usual cigarette.

Mangla has said an advice for smokers of Marlboro light cigarettes, especially women, stating that it is likely because of the promotions and wrong beliefs that women may like to smoke lighter ones instead of the usual ones. Since the dangerous effects are determined by total cigarettes inhaled over years, lighter cigarettes  do not present protection against negative health effects.

So answering to the key question whether Marbor mild cigarettes can help you quit smoking,  the doctor said that this is not considered to be true by the scientific and medical community. Light cigarettes do not help anyone kick the habit.


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