History of Winston Cigarettes

In 1875 Reynolds tobacco empire began its triumphant march on the U.S..  Image makers and marketing specialists of RJR Tobacco Company had always been featured by an aggressive and cynical style of creativity. Battling with its main competitor company Philip Morris, they managed to create a good base for the promotion of a new brand of cigarettes. The company had to make a qualitative move for the successful development. A niche was occupied by Winston cigarette brand.

Winston Slims

Winston Slims cigarettes

According to a marketing legend, the new cigarettes appeared due to Edward Darren, one of the directors of RJR Tobacco Company. Being in Switzerland, he was faced with the growing popularity of filtered cigarettes in Europe. Together with a RJR council of experts they decided that a new feature should appeal to American consumers. The main thing was to make sure that a filter enables smokers not to lose the opportunity to enjoy the fortress and the taste of cigarettes.

Along with the filter, new cigarettes contained a special tobacco blend known as “American blend”. This blend was distinguished by the presence of the “Burley” tobacco variety in it. Besides, it was not only dried, but thermally treated to produce a light caramel flavor. New cigarettes appeared as a result of all these innovations. These cigarettes were decided to be named in honor of the city that became the cradle of the tobacco company. Thus, American smokers met the new cigarette brand, Winston.

First advertising campaign slogan that was used to promote the new brand was: “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”. This phrase contained a clear grammatical mistake that was very noticeable for English-speaking consumers. It is difficult to say now whether it was accidental error or deliberate advertising move, but the public’s attention was drawn to the Winston posters and cigarette brand instantly.

When the new slogan “What do you want, good grammar or good taste?” appeared, Winston popularity skyrocketed. So in 1956, these cigarettes have been recognized as the most successful tobacco brand. It is not surprising because 31 billion cigarettes were sold in that year. But cigarette manufacturers did not intend to stop there. Advertising images and new products, such as Winston 100 mm, helped increase sales.

Today Winston cigarettes are sold not only on U.S. territory and are one of the best selling brands. However, there is no more RJR Tobacco Company. Its assets were acquired by Japan Tobacco Inc. The cigarette brand continued to develop. Thus, it was created a new “light” Super Slims line in 2007. And in 2008, the tobacco company launched premium Winston Premier.

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