Cheryl Cole Quitting Smoking To Save Her Voice

The ‘Promise This’ singer is trying to quit fags for the third time but is struggling to kick the filthy habit.

Cheryl Cole Smoking

Cheryl Cole Quitted Smoking

As the 28-year-old is about to relaunch her music career with a new album, her management have persuaded Cheryl to give it another go as they fear the cigs are affecting her voice.

A source said: “Cheryl’s tried giving up smoking before but it was never that serious. This time around the pressure is really on – because her singing voice is her job.”

The insider also added: “It’s probably the worst time to be quitting too, with all the stress of bringing out a new album.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole is set to make her anticipated comeback next month and from the sneak peak of her new video – she’s looking better than ever!

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