Brazilian company to manufacture cigarettes in Cuba

Brascuba S.A, the Brazilian-Cuban joint venture, will in the near future begin manufacturing in Cuba of Brazil’s popular Plaza cigarette brand, mass media reported.

Plaza Cigarettes

Brazil’s Plaza cigarette brand

The company’s head of exports, Ernesto Tabio, declared that by mid-2013 the company intends to start transferring cigarettes to Brazil, the official AIN news agency stated.

The cigarettes manufactured in Cuba will have the same features as the one produced in Brazil, but as outlined by Tabio, it will have the additional advantage of using Cuban tobacco, regarded the world’s finest.

Tabia said that the volume of exports will little by little rise until it grows to some 500 million units by 2017.

Brascuba Cigarrillos S.A. was created in 1995 as a joint venture of the tobacco firm Souza Cruz, a leader in cigarettes that produces numerous brands for Brazil and other brands for exportation, and the Cuban state company Uneta, now recognized as Tabacuba.

Its portfolio contains the brands such as Popular, Cohiba, H. Upmann, Monterrey, Vega, Hollywood, H. Upmann Selecto and Lucky Strike, which are the only cigarettes produced in Cuba with 100% Cuban tobacco.

The co-president of Brascuba, Abraham Maluff, has said that the firm’s exportation method is going to broaden its markets and increase its competition in locations like Mexico, Russia, Japan, India and Brazil.

The tobacco firm exports its products to more than 15 countries which include Botswana, Dubai and Hong Kong, but its principal marketplace is Spain where it rates fourth regarding sales.


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