Youth Against Tobacco Marketing in Vermont


This week in the US state of Vermont took place two important events that promoted the idea of protecting young people from tobacco use.

At the beginning of the week, on February 3, took place march and rally on the State Capitol in Montpelier. The other day the University of Vermont hosted a Tobacco-Free College Campus Summit.

In the rally participated more than 75 teenagers from 12 communities across Vermont. They were marching on the Vermont State Capitol to spread among legislators the information about the importance of protecting young people from tobacco products. Teenagers from Our Voices Xposed plead against tobacco industry. They raise the problem of tobacco use by youth in their local communities.

During the events the young activists were sharing info about the marketing which attracts teens and kids to smoking cigarettes. This includes advertising, placing tobacco products in visible places, description of retail shops that sell tobacco.

Besides this, they touched the subject of flavored tobacco products which attract young people to start smoking. These products have different sweet tastes: chocolate, vanilla, cherry, etc. Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott was speaking to students at the Statehouse, while  Magi Linscott of Florida, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Youth Advocate of the Year was speaking on rally.

According to 18-years-old Tian Berry, tobacco industry wants young people to become regular smokers in order to get profit from them in adulthood, therefore the main aim of the rally is to address decision makers and ask them for the help  to reduce youth exposure to tobacco marketing.”

During College Summit, college administration gets a wonderful possibility to  examine and analyze the advantages of a tobacco or smoke-free campus policy. They learn about the smoke-free experiences of colleges and universties across the USA.

Data by Vermont’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey shows that 19% young people aged 18-24 are smokers. The rate is high and need to be reduced.

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