Wayne State Joins Smoke-Free Michigan Universities

Smoking Students

Students at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, who used to relieve from stress before exams with the help of cigarettes will have to find new ways to overcome their stress. Starting from August 19 in the University comes into effect a new smoke-free policy which bans tobacco use in the campus. With the policy the University joins Northern, Western, Eastern, University of Michigan, Grand Valley,  Lawrence Tech, Central, Oakland, Saginaw Valley.

Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson explained that Wayne State University cares about well-being of its students and stuff and therefore considers it is reasonable to provide a healthy environment for them. Going free of tobacco and smoking is a quite logic step towards healthy campus.

Wilson told that smoking students should not worry about their habit as during the transition period they will have access to cessation tools, and if they decide to quit they will be always welcome.

It should be said that in the ban are included not only tobacco products but also vaping ones such as electronic cigarettes.

Besides this, the next year Michigan State University becomes smoke-free with a tobacco-free ordinance that goes into action on August 15, 2016. The University officials say that the delay of total smoking ban is needed to provide suficient time for smokers to get informed about it and take necessary measures to obey. No one is imposed to quit, but that would be best choice. Till August 2016 there will be involved task force to educate campus community about changes in smoking policies.

Data by the American Nonsmoker’s Rights Foundation shows that today across the USA  there are 1,577 campuses that have smoke-free policies in place. They also told that modern students buy Marlboro from online stores.

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