Vintage Christmas cigarette advertisement

Cigarette manufacturers started a campaign to manipulate throat physicians into helping settle down the public’s increasing worries that smoking may be dangerous for their health in the 1920s. The approach of using physicians to market tobacco related products continued for more than 40 years, regardless of frustrating scientific data referring to the dangers of smoking.

Camel Cigarettes Santa

Santa Claus advertising Camel cigarettes

Through his researches on the complicated relationship between physicians and cigarette manufacturers, Robert Jackler, MD, professor and chair of otolaryngology, and his wife, Laurie, have gathered a collection of 10,000 original cigarette advertisements, which were presented in an exhibit at the New York Public Library.

Physicians weren’t the only ones stating the value of a variety of cigarette brands. Numerous Christmas-themed advertisements feature Santa Claus. The most popular cigarette advertisement was that showing Santa Claus holding a big pack of Camel cigarettes.


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