Tobacco Still Sold in New York Pharmacies


In past, American smokers could come to the hospital gift shop, buy cigarettes and light them up not only in the waiting room but everywhere in the hospital. Yeah, today this seems strage to us as smoking is banned in most public places including hospitals.

However, these days tobacco continues to be sold in pharmacies, which also do sell presriptions medications, provide vaccinations for population and other basic medical services.

Anti-smoking activists say that it would never do to sell tobacco in places of health. Though tobacco is a leagal product, but due to its effects on health, it should be banned from selling in such places, because youth will start thinking that smoking is okay for them.

Besides this, it would make it more difficult for those who want to quit. It seems absolutely illogical to place in a pharmacy quit smoking advertising behind a showcase with cigarettes: Marlboro, Camel, Pall Mall, Parliament. Too big temptation for a smoker.

In some grocery stores with pharmacies you may observe that they expanded preventive and health care services that they do provide to their clients.

Recently, Price Chopper in Latham opened a health center in the store. Central Avenue store also has Healthy Living Center. Both of them sell tobacco and anti-smoking activists are against it, especially in conditions when smoking rates in New York are increased.

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