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Buffalo hospitals ban smokers but don’t enforce

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – When it comes to smoking, local hospitals having been putting up signs telling everyone to light-up off the property. But are they following through? It was almost three years ago when Sisters Hospital officials announced the campus was going 100 percent smoke-free. Back in November of 2008, CEO Peter Bergmann announced, “It’s our responsibility to provide … Continue reading Continue reading

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Church hosts former tobacco exec to talk about going smoke free

About 100 people turned out to event hoping to ash out smoking. The Mason Temple Church of God and Smoke Free Horry held an event Saturday morning. A crowd listened to gospel music and speakers talk about the dangers of smoke and second hand smoke. “Here in this community a lot of people are affiliated with faith communities so we … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban in Ibiza's Clubs

New legislation in Spain brought the official stance on smoking in public places, such as in bars, restaurants and clubs into line with most other European countries. But whilst there are have been varying degrees of acceptance and enforcement of such laws across the rest of the world in the last few years, Ibiza has been able to steam on … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban Considered in San Marcos

A couple dozen people turned out for the City of San Marcos’ first open house meeting about a possible smoking ban ordinance in bars and restaurants Monday. The open house was held at the city’s activity center. Citizens were asked to visit several stations set-up at the event to give their input. The city is looking to get a few … Continue reading

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Port St. Lucie restricts smoking in city parks

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Attention smokers: no longer will you be able to light up wherever you want in city parks. Beware of future signs announcing designated smoking areas. On Monday, the City Council unanimously agreed to establish a city policy relegating smokers to certain areas in community parks. That includes special-use parks, such as soccer and neighborhood parks. … Continue reading

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Smoking ban dominates discussion

EMMITSBURG — Commissioners discussed a proposal to ban smoking in town parks Monday night. Commissioner Glenn Blanchard proposed the ban after witnessing smoking during Little League games and hearing inquiries about a ban from attendees at games and other events in town parks. The proposal drew a variety of comments from residents in attendance. Resident Larry Little said the charcoal … Continue reading

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Women Celebrating Smoke Free Lives

Smoke Free Women is an organization serving as a resource for women who are looking to quit smoking, as well as acting as a support system for women who have already quit. Approximately one in five American women is a smoker. Almost 80% of them have a desire to quit. Created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National … Continue reading

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Effects of Secondhand Smoke

By now, it’s become very clear that smoking is bad for your health. The government, American Lung Association, and a variety of other health organizations have launched campaign after campaign to illustrate the grim repercussions (from lung cancer to heart disease) of lighting up and to encourage Americans to kick the habit. What may be less obvious is the effect … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban in Argentina

Argentine lawmakers approved a nationwide law Wednesday that would ban tobacco advertising and smoking in public places, and require warning messages on product packaging. The effort, under debate for years in Congress, and strongly opposed by the tobacco industry, was approved overwhelmingly with 181 yes votes, one abstention and a single no vote. Members of the lower house of Congress … Continue reading

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Parks officials consider blanket smoking ban

The crusade against second-hand smoke could get a boost in Metro Vancouver, with park officials poised to consider a blanket ban on smoking -and possibly even campfires -in all regional parks. The move, aimed at reducing second-hand-smoke exposure in Metro’s public spaces, is one of four options suggested by staff for public consultation as part of a draft regional nosmoking … Continue reading

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