Smoking Cessation Tips for Seniors

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Quitting smoking can be extremely hard for seniors who smoked a significant part of their lives. Health care specialists do recommend them to quit as soon as possible because at their age they are at higher risks for developing cardiovascular diseases. Here are some tips for senios for successful quitting.

1. Avoid triggers
Being among friends or family members who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes can trigger cravings for a cigarette. Some experts claim that when a smoker used to have a smoke break in a certain place, the desire to light up appears every time when he visits this place. It is recommended to define events, places and situations when cravings for cigarettes appear and to avoid them.

2. Replace cigarettes with healthy snacks
Experts say that chewing a hard candy, bubble gum, or simply almonds when the craving appears helps to reduce those cravings. It would be a good idea to carry any of those things in the pocket or handbag and use it any time the craving appears.

3. Seek for support
It is very important to ask family and friends for a support in smoking cessation. Children, grandchildren and other beloved people are perfect reminders of why should you quit. For example, it may be the desire to live a longer life with beloved people and see all them healthy.

4. Find interesting hobbies
Experts recommend seniors to find a new interesting hobby or regain the old favorite one in order to distract themselves from use of cigarettes. Physical activity would be very beneficial. Walking with a pet or morning running will keep the mind from smoking. It will also allow you to spend more time on fresh air and relieve from stress.

5. Find your quitting method
It is hard to quit smoking, especially when choosing cold turkey method. Better way is to make it showly by gradual reduction of number of cigarettes. However, different methods work differently on different people. It is important to find what works better for you.

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