Smoking Cessation: 20 Minutes to Two Days Without Smoking

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If you decided to quit smoking, you should know how your body will react on it in first two days after your last cigarette.

20 Minutes After You Quit
You will feel immediately the effects of quitting smoking as they show themselves at once. In 20 minutes after you smoked your last cigarette, your heart rate returns to normal levels.

Two Hours After You Quit
In two hours after you smoked your last cigarette you will have your blood pressure and heart rate dropped back to normal levels. Peripheral circulation also gets improved and you may feel that tips of your toes and fingers get warm. At this time do appear symptoms of nicotine withdrawal:

  • increased appetite
  • intense cravings
  • drowsiness or trouble sleeping
  • anxiety, tension, or frustration

12 Hours After You Quit
During tobacco burning is released carbon monoxide and smoker inhales it with smoke. High levels of this substance can be toxic. Carbon monoxide bonds to blood cells and its high levels may keep these cells from bonding with oxygen. Namely this causes problems with heart. In 12 hours after your last cigarette the level of carbon monoxide reduces to lower levels, and oxygen levels in your blood increase to normal.

24 Hours After You Quit
Smokers are at higher risk for heart attacks than nonsmokers. One full day without cigarettes helps you to start reduce these risks!

48 Hours After You Quit
Taste and smell are one of the most noticeable effects of smoking. However, in 48 hours without a cigarette, your nerve endings will begin to grow again, and your ability to taste and smell is improved.

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