Smoking on Beaches in Cape Towns

Smoking on the Beach

63-year-old smoker Mike Kelly lives in Cape Cod. He enjoys going to the Corporation Beach along with his family. It is a real pleasure for him to spend a sunny day on the beach, but he cannot light up his favorite Davidoff Superslims Gold cigarettes as smoking is banned on the beaches. Being a tobacco user for many years, Mike Kelly has no objections regarding the ban. He says he will continue to smoke but will not do it behind other people and especially kids.

In 2014 the city of Dennis prohibited use of tobacco on the beach and with this move the town joined a growing number of Cape Cod cities which decided to make their beaches free of smoke.

Not long ago the town of Truro, banned smoking on the strand and it became the eighth town of Cape Cod to prohibit smoking at town beaches. The Cape Cod National Seashore outlawed smoking at six beaches in 2014.

Dustin Pineau, beach and recreation director, explained that before adopting such an ordinance for the town’s 19 beaches, the Board of Selectmen needed discussions on the initiative. He told that the society is going in the right direction. When the first smoking ban came into action in Dennis, smokers were very cooperative.

Nowadays, tobacco use is being banned from most public spaces such as parks, bars, restaurants, malls, hospitals, public buildings, offices. Over 40 cities in  Massachusetts (including Boston) do not allow smoking in parks and playgrounds

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights created a list of hundreds of municipalities across the USA that have banned smoking in outdoor spaces. Back in 2009 Maine prohibited tobacco use in all state parks and historic sites, including beaches.  In  Massachusetts the first city to ban smoking on beaches was Sharon, in 1995, and today almost four dozen towns do not allow smoking on beaches in the state.

The trend is growing because people are aware about effects of secondhand smoke exposure and do not want to inhale it.

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