Smoke-Free Moves in Sheridan

Smoker in Bar

Lorraine King of Sheridan, Wyoming, is preoccupied with the problem of smoking in public places. She is friend of Young Ki Kim, the long-time owner of Kim’s Family Restaurant that was opened back in 1990. Now King is very happy that the restaurant goes smoke-free, because simce her husband quit smoking, they prefer no-smoking areas in restaurants.

When Kim’s Family Restaurant decided to prohibit smoking in their establishment, King said it is a good move as people may feel themselves more comfortable in it.
The owners of the restaurant explain that the decision to go smoke-free is a part of Sheridan’s smoke-free campaign.

Wendy Bruso, Sheridan County prevention professional, told that  the smoke-free campaign is initiated by the Wyoming Department of Health, the Prevention Management Organization of Sheridan County and the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention for Sheridan County with the aim to make businesses smoke-free.

Each smoke-free establishment will have a sign with the inscription “Breathe easy and frequent this smoke-free vape-free establishment.”

Actually, in Wyoming there is no statewide law prohibiting smoking in eating establishments, therefore businesses decide by themselves to allow smoking indoors or not.

However, many bars and restaurants in Sheridan city decided voluntary to go free of tobacco smoke. Bruso says that business owners want by themselves to remove smoking from their establishments in order to protect workers from tobacco smoke and contribute to making the city safe for visitors and residents.

Last year there was made a survey which demonstrated that 73% of residents support the idea of non-smoking restaurants.

The owner of Kim’s Family Restaurant said he loves his customers and appreciates his workers, therefore has chosen to go smoke-free. In just few days he already saw positive results of the decision.

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