Quit Smoking Challenge offers proven techniques and advice

GLAXOSMITHKLINE Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK) unveiled the Quit Smoking Challenge, a smoking cessation programme that highlights the comprehensive methods proven to help smokers kick their cigarette addiction recently. The programme is organised with the support of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Quit Smoking Challenge

Help for smokers: (From left) GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd head of marketing, Oral Care & NRT Victor Cheong, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare International area marketing director – South Asia Edward Thesiger, Akhil and Dr Zainal at the launch

The Quit Smoking Challenge showcases the importance of having a group support environment with other smokers who are also aiming to quit smoking.

Working with 15 selected participants in its inaugural edition, the programme helps them battle their smoking addiction over 12 weeks in a programme that provides participants with expert advice and tools such as nicotine replacement patches and lozenges.

The public are also invited to follow the participants’ journey towards quitting smoking in order to spread the word further on the value of a structured smoking cessation programme.

The Quit Smoking Challenge is one-of-a-kind, the first smoking cessation reality programme in Malaysia, and globally, one of the only smoking cessation challenges that uses a group format to get more participants to quit successfully.

“The Quit Smoking Challenge also allows members of the public to draw inspirations from ordinary men and women similar to themselves who are attempting to make a difference in their own lives by quitting smoking,” said GSK Consumer Healthcare International South Asia vice-president and general manager Akhil Chandra.

The Quit Smoking Challenge was launched by Health Ministry deputy director of the disease control division, Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar, who represented Health director-general Datuk Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman.

“We are pleased to put our support behind GSK’s effort to help people quit smoking and raise awareness on the techniques of smoking cessation through this Quit Smoking Challenge. We commend them on their initiative,” said Dr Hasan in his speech read out by Dr Zainal Ariffin at the event.

The Quit Smoking Challenge aims to get as many of the selected 15 participants as possible to quit smoking at the end of the challenge period.

The contestants, drawn from applicants who submit their details at roadshows or online at the Quit Smoking Challenge website, will receive smoking cessation aids in the form of nicotine replacement therapy patches or lozenges, and receive the support of healthcare counsellors nationwide who will provide behavioural support.

The public who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the trials and tribulations smokers goes through when trying to quit smoking can follow the participants’ blog postings on the official Quit Smoking Challenge website and cheer them on their journey towards better health by leaving messages of support on the participants’ webpages.

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