Proposal to Increase Tobacco Buying Age Failed in California

Smoking Woman

The proposal to increase to 21 tobacco buying age and regulate use of electronic cigarettes in California did not get a necessary support from Assembly members.

Both initiatives had cleared the Senate before going to the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. Supportes of the proposal say that it failed because lawmakers are lobbying tobacco industry.

In the course of a special healthcare session there were discussed similar anti-smoking laws and lawmakers tried to avoid the committee. It should be noted that regular deadlines do not apply to special sessions, therefore the proposals will be put on voting one more time.

The lawmakers debated almost an hour the idea of bringing up a whole package of tobacco bills. However, the votes diminished to the two mentioned above.

Lawmakers explain the necessity of adopting the two laws by the need to protect young people in California from picking up the smoking habit at an early age. Many talk that e-cigarettes should be treated as tobacco products, but the idea is not supported by the majority and more arguments are needed. Thus lawmakers point to researches which found that teens using e-cigarettes are more likely to turn to regular cigarettes. Data shows that 18-years-old are easy buying tobacco products.

Health experts say that e-cigarettes are even more dangerous than other tobacco products and therefore teens should be kept away from them.

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