Pottsboro Banned Smoking in Parks Entirely

No Smoking in Park

The city of Pottsboro, Oklahoma, made smoking in its three parks illegal by voting for a new smoke-free ordinance entitled Ordinance No. 1344.

There was organized a public meeting last week and there came city residents to say their opinions on the proposal to ban smoking in parks. However, all residents who came on the meeting expressed their support for the initiative and no one opposed to it. The Council members explained benefits of the ordinance and spoke about its importance.

In its turn City Manager Kevin Farley told that generally this smoke-free ordinance is a step forward to making more public spaces smoke-free. For example, property owners may insire from it and go smoke-free if they want. They may just place a no smoking sign and it will be enforced by law.

Farley told that the ordinance is not obligatory for businesses and property owners because it is quite flexible and allows busines owners decide by themselves to prohibit smoking or not.

Initially the proposal for smoking ban included smoking tobacco products. However, on the council meeting there was proposed to include in it also chewing tobacco. As a result, the idea was supported and this kind of tobacco was also banned.

According to Farley, the problem with smoking in parks was observed during the Pottsboro Youth Association’s softball games, when the Council received a lot of complaints regarding smoking in prohibited places. It just showed that no smoking signs simply do not work. That is the reason why smoking was proposed to be banned in the parks entirely. Total smoking ban in parks will show kids that smoking is something bad.

As to e-cigarettes, they are not included in the ban.

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