How many people in the world smoke?

About 2.0 billion people smoke all around the world.

The World Health Organization states that global prevalence is 48% for adult males and 12% for adult females, about 1/3 of the adults worldwide, making about 2.0 billion smokers around the world including child smokers.

How many people in the world smoke? | Infographics

Number of People Who Start Smoking Each Day

Even with what we know today about the health effects of smoking and the dangers associated with it people continue to start smoking. There are many reasons people start smoking and none of them are good. Each day, nearly 1,000 kids under the age of 18 will start smoking on a daily basis. Eighteen hundred adults, 18 and over, will also start smoking on a daily basis.

Quitting Smoking Statistics

Nearly 70 percent of smokers want to quit smoking altogether.
Approximately 40 percent of smokers will try to quit this year.
About 7 percent will succeed at quitting smoking their first try. That may sound like a small number but it is over 3 million people.
3 to 4 percent of people who stop smoking will do it cold turkey.

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