LD Cigarettes

LD (short for Liggett Ducat, the original manufacturer) is a brand of cigarette owned by Japan Tobacco. It was first launched in Russia in 1999 and quickly became Russia’s number one cigarette brand. Liggett Ducat was bought by the Gallaher Group in 2000, which in turn was acquired by JTI in 2007. According to the JTI website, the brand is currently sold in over 30 countries.

LD Gold

LD Gold Cigarettes

LD cigarettes are named after the company that manufactures them and are considered to be a superior cigarette because they take cigarette making very seriously. If you are looking for a real cigarette that can provide you with a great smoke, give LD Cigarettes a try. LD Gold Cigarettes are a King-Sized cigarette in a white and gold-trim box. LD Gold Cigarettes are made in Europe by the famous, leading cigarette manufacturer named Liggett-Ducat. If you want a serious cigarette with a memorable flavor, try the LD Gold. If you enjoy the great, smooth but strong flavor of LD Gold cigarettes but prefer a lighter smoke, you should try LD Gold Light Cigarettes produced and manufactured by Liggett-Ducat. They come in the same famous white box with gold trim but in a lighter version for you to enjoy.

LD Gold Lights

LD Gold Lights Cigarettes

LD Lights Cigarettes Liggett-Ducat brand cigarettes are strong, rich in flavor and very high quality.

They are one of the finest cigarettes available today. If you want to enjoy this great rich flavor in a light cigarette then buy LD Lights Cigarettes. LD Slims Cigarettes are a slim cigarette with a big punch. Made by the leading tobacco manufacturer, Liggett-Ducat, LD Slims are one popular type in their great LD brand. LD Slims have the same rich flavor of regular LD cigarettes but in a slimmer, more elegant style.

LD Slims Ultra Cigarettes If a regular slim isn’t enough for you, try LD Slims Ultra Cigarettes. You get the great rich taste you love from L-D, but in an ultra slim variety that you can enjoy. If you are serious about your cigarette, you need to treat yourself to the LD brand. Liggett-Ducat is one of the leading cigarette manufacturer and distributor around. If you love the great, strong taste of LD (Liggett-Ducat) brand cigarettes but you prefer a really light smoke, you should try LD Super Lights Cigarettes. Made by Liggett-Ducat the LD Super Lights are great for those who prefer a smoother, lighter cigarette. They are just one of the types of cigarettes available under the great brand name of LD cigarettes sold.

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2 Responses to LD Cigarettes

  1. craig morse says:

    hi there I have been smoking export a for many years but I just tried your brand and I was inpressed so I have switch brand u make a great product thanks craig morse

  2. Lola says:

    I have been smoking liggett ducat menthol for 13 years now, yesterday i bought a carton and all of the cigerettes taste awful!! Maybe a bad batch.Can someome please help with some info.

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