Framingham Wants to Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21


In order to prevent youth from smoking, the Board of Health wants to increase the minimum age to buy cigarettes in Framingham, Massachusetts, from 18 to 21. The Board would consider the proposal on its meeting at the beginning of the week when they would discuss modifications to city’s tobacco regulations. The city also wants to limit sale of e-cigarettes and reduce places where tobacco products can be sold.

According to Roberto Santamaria, head of  Board of Health,  Framingham is  community in Massachusetts which has not taken measures to stop selling cigarettes to young people. Now it’s time to follow America’s growing trend to prevent youth from smoking. He told that he it is very important the largest community in the state raises tobacco buying age to 21 as it is a big step forward towards making the nation healthier. He believes that other communities would follow their example. Ashland and other cities have changed their regulations from 18 to 21, with Natick also taking up the idea.

Board of Health Chairman Mike Hugo told that they want to reduce  gradually the number of tobacco permits in Framingham from 76 to 60. They consider that 60 is an optimal number for the city and  Santamaria said the Southside  are satisfied with it. There will be introduced penalizations for those violating the laws.

The proposed law would impose that e-cigarettes to be sold only to people aged 21 and older at vapor product retailers. Besides this, there will be prohibited sale of flavored tobacco except permit places. As Hugo says, the changes would apply to sale of cigars too.

According to Hugo, increase of age to 21 will help to make schools tobacco-free because up to date young people allowed to smoke starting from 18.

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