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Dunhill Pipes

In 1893, Alfred Dunhill took over his father’s saddlery business and converted it into Dunhill’s Motorities, providing ‘Everything for the car but the motor’. Dunhill became a fan of smoking pipes and pipe tobacco, and, in 1905, Alfred patented the Windshield Pipe, which was designed to provide a pleasant pipe smoke while driving in an automobile. In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened his first cigar and tobacco pipe shop on Duke Street in London. He continued maiking Dunhill pipes and, three years later, a briar pipe factory was opened near the store. In 1915, the now legendary White Spot trademark was added to all Dunhill pipes. In the mid 1920s Alfred introduced the revolutionary “Unique” lighter, which was the first to allow one-handed operation, and also began selling Namiki lacquered pens. In 1941, during World War II, Alfred Dunhill’s Duke Street store, and many other in the surrounding area were bombed and later rebuilt. In 1956, the Dunhill Rollagas butane lighter was introduced and instantly became a hit with pipe and cigar smokers. In 1985, the First annual Alfred Dunhill Cup golf tournament was held and evolved into the Alfred Dunhill Links tournament in 2000. Through it all, Dunhill has continued to focus on smoking pipes, pipe pouches and cases, lighters, and leather goods of the highest quality.

Dunhill Pipe

Dunhill Pipe

Today, Dunhill makes the finest briar pipes with the highest quality raw materials and craftsmanship. Dunhill pipes are regarded by many pipe smokers as the best, and set the benchmark of quality for all other pipe makers. Dunhill pipes are available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes. From the Shell Briar to the Root Briar, from the petit Group size 1 to the extra large Group 6, there is a Dunhill pipe for every pipe smoker.

Everyone knows that Dunhill Pipes are the finest smoking pipes, made by hand using only the very best quality briar. Dunhill’s strict quality controls ensure that every Dunhill pipe will deliver a pleasureable pipe smoking experience. Aside from making the best smoking pipes, Dunhill makes high-quality lighters for pipes, cigars and cigarettes, like the Rollagas and Unique series. Dunhill pipe smoking accessories, like pipe cases, pipe tobacco pouches, and pipe tools use the highest quality materials for their construction. Dunhill also makes the best quality cufflinks, pens and leather goods.

Pipe Accessories

Alfred Dunhill makes the finest leather pipe and tobacco pouches, pipe tools, and cleaning supplies.


Dunhill Lighter

Dunhill Cigarette Lighter

Dunhill makes the finest butane lighters for use with pipes, cigars and cigarettes. The Rollagas model sets the standard for quality and continues to be the best lighter made by any producer. The Unique series was originally invented by Alfred Dunhill and has been copied by just about every lighter manufacturer, none of which match the quality of the Dunhill lighter.

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