New Dunhill Cigarette Contains Capsule


Dunhill Fine Cut Switch

The Korean subdivision of British American Tobacco introduced first superslim version of  Dunhill cigarettes which contains natural extracts.

Specialists on  Dunhill blendings created new cigarette called Dunhill Fine Cut Switch 1MG. For this new variety they used fine tobacco leaves of highest quality grown in Maryland.  This gives to Dunhill a new original premium flavour which makes a mild transition into a cool and clean taste with only one quick crush of the capsule inside the cigarette filter.

Its pleasant aroma and soothing fresh taste will meet the specific requirements of Korean smokers who apprecaite fine taste. With this new variety Dunhill wants to conquer the maket of superslim cigarettes.

The price for one pack in Korea will be 2,300 won ($2.14) for a limited period as an expression of gratitude toward Korean smokers who have been loyal to Dunhill brand.

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