Cigarettes Holders

Cigarette holders are still fashionable today. They provide an air of sophistication and are used to filter out harmful chemicals such as nicotine and tar. Do not forget the standard filter that is built into a filter tip cigarette is essentially a cheap cigarette holder.

Smoking Cigarette Holder

A beautiful woman holding a cigarette holder in the hand

Cigarette holders come in three combinations:

  • Fashion Statement
  • Health
  • Fashion and health Combination

We all know the yellow nicotine finger typical of the heavy smoker. We also know the smell of nicotine on the cigarette smoker’s hands. Cigarette holders by design obviate these by products of smoking.

We all know the extra long cigarette holder associated with elegance and high life of the sophisticated woman. We also know the clamp in the jaw, sawn of cigarette holder of the secret agent. This is the sophistication and elegance fashion statement model of the cigarette holder. Most of this design are just hollow tubes designed for the look!

The health version of the cigarette holder can be unbelievably sophisticated. The health risk aspect of smoking is well documented and some of the more advanced crystal and charcoal based filters are extremely efficient at removing the toxins in tobacco smoke. Most of these forms have a replaceable cartridge which screws into the body of the cigarette holder. This cartridge is a consumable and should be replaced on a daily or maximum cigarette number basis.

If you are an addicted smoker, who is unable to kick the smoking habit and quit the evil weed, you should consider investing in a high quality cigarette holder incorporating a replacement cartridge type filter.

There are numerous brand name cigarette holders on the market. Once again brand names like Dunhill and DuPont cigarette holders can be bought online.

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