Cigarette Snuffers

Cigarette snuffers are designed to put out cigarettes before they are finished and/or when they are finished. Essentially a cigarette snuffer is a non-combustible tube with a bulbous end. You push your cigarette into the mouth of the tube and the cigarette is extinguished due to the lack of oxygen. If there are no ash trays your snuffer is a also a portable ash tray or an out door ash tray. You don’t have to throw away whole cigarettes to go into a store, the office or into you mother in law’s home. You don’t have to throw it on the ground and litter the environment. Snuff your cigarette out with a cigarette snuffer and drop it in a trash can or put it back in your pack even if it is half smoked. Cigarette snuffers help to reduce the cost of smoking by as much as 20%.

Cigarettes and Snuffers

Cigarettes in the Snuffers

Cigarette snuffers come in the portable kind which you can keep in your handbag or pocket and the fixed kind which can be attached permanently to your ashtray or in your car.

An automobile cigarette snuffer mounts with a Velcro dot to the dash, armrest or console of your vehicle and can quickly be used if you need your hands in a hurry. (Like using a cell phone – oops – sorry we didn’t say that!) They help reduce the tobacco odor and second hand smoke in your automobile making it a more pleasant place for your Mother in law and the kids.

An ashtray snuffer sits in the center or on the side of your ashtray and operates in exactly the same way as a portable or automobile snuffer. The added advantage of an ashtray snuffer is that it leaves no nicotine and or tar residue on the ash tray making the ashtray much easier to clean.

Cigarette snuffers are generally metallic or ceramic and come in a variety of finishes. They can be engraved and customized as business or personal gifts. Some models have clips and look exactly like a pen. They cost around $2.00 and are available online.

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