The Benefits of Using a Cigar Holder

If you smoke cigars regularly, you should invest in quality smoking accessories to make the most of your smoking experience. One important accessory all cigar smokers should invest in is the cigar holder. Both men and women alike can benefit from investing in a cheap cigar holder. Before you label cigar holders feminine or unnecessary, understand the benefits of using this fine accessory and improve your smoking experience without spending a small fortune.

Cigar Holder

Carved Ivory Cigar Holder

Hygienic Benefits of Using a Cigar Holder

One of the most overlooked benefits of using a cigar holder is the reduction of germs. Cigars are stored in humidors and packaging that contains germs and other bacteria. If you smoke your cigar without a holder, you are putting these germs right to your mouth every time you take a tasty puff of your stogie. When you place a clean cigar holder on the end of your cigar, you prevent transferring the germs on the end of your cigar to your lips. Cigar holders also eliminate yellow staining around your fingertips and nails. One of the biggest complaints cigar smokers make is nicotine stained fingers. The cigar holder is your barrier between the nicotine and your fingers.

Health Benefits of Using a Cigar Holder

As you may know, cigars and cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals that can damage your lungs. Over time, your infrequent habit can cause health problems. While cigar holders do not necessarily eliminate toxins and harmful substances that contaminate the body, they do reduce the amount of smoke that is inhaled during each puff. The reduction in inhalation will allow less tar and nicotine to enter the body. If you plan on smoking regardless of the health consequences, invest in a cheap cigar holder to reduce how many toxins enter your body.


Hygiene and health benefits are obviously important. Another benefit of using cigar holders is style. Cigar holders come in a variety of different styles suitable for both men and women. Holders will turn the average cigar into a masterpiece. Holders are made of metal, glass, wood, plastic, or meerschaum. When you are searching for a quality cigar holder, choose the material that offers the purest smoking experience. Some materials do affect the taste of your cigar. Make sure you understand which materials are odorless before you choose a holder.

If you are tired of having stained fingers and teeth, invest in a cheap cigar holder and take advantage of all of the benefits it offers you. Quality cigar holders are available in your local smoke shops and online. If you are not sure which cigar holder is best, ask an expert who regularly uses cigar holders and make your decision based on their experience.

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  1. Fred Altobellis says:

    I use a Meers harm slanted cigar holder pipe when smoking cigars! !!

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